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About Frannie

I love everyone! PLEASE follow me on Twitter! I follow back. EVERYONE! Got spam? Let me help! Lottery winnings, inheritances, buried treasure? Let me help you get it out of your country. Everyone can use a hand. Squeeze me, I barf!

Best Quality: I’m so huggable!

Worst Quality: Weak stomach.

Dream: OMG, last night, I dreamed that this big monster came into my room and it was about to eat me, so you know what I did? I hugged it! And no one had ever hugged it before and it became good, but then it hugged me back and I barfed on it, so it ATE ME!!!

If I ruled the world … everyone would hug everyone else every hugging day. I’d make a national holiday, today would be Huggable Day. Every day would be Huggable Day! I’m so glad I rule the world. I love you! *hugs*


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