Janus Flytrap Avatar Square
Real Name: Janus Rose Age: 16 @JFlyTrap

Code wielder and computer profiler extraordinaire. Easily baited by slices of Hawaiian pizza (= kryptonite). Protector of the earth from becoming a giant landfill. Feeder of stray cats. Slave to Assured Destruction. Vice President of Sales.

Hacker. Maker. Master of #Shadownet and Chief Recycling Officer of Assured Destruction. Purveyor of beautiful things.

Best Quality: *Picks self up* *Dusts self off* *Tries again*

Worst Quality: A wee bit impulsive.

Dream: To sit back, hang out with friends, maybe even spend some time with @Paradise57says—never work. No working. And definitely no retail.

If I ruled the world … we’d live in the Internet.