So everyone makes these resolutions each year that they then totally never do. Which makes them feel guilty and they end up doing drugs, drinking, or eating chocolate. And well, I thought, what would I resolve to do?

Answer: Nothing! Because I don’t want to become a suicidal druggie!

Now what do I ‘intend’ to do? That’s different. I can come up with intentions. So here goes:

Well, you all know Assured Destruction isn’t making money, so that’s one. Let’s get it making money.

How about find my dad? That would be nice.

Figure out who Peter really is. AND PUT HIM IN JAIL!

On the relationship front, I really should actually commit to Jonny and figure out this boyfriend girlfriend stuff.

Um … am I allowed to talk about video games? … cause I can use some leveling up.

2 new apps. I don’t care what they’re for. But I WILL make them!

Oh yeah, I intend NOT TO HAVE TO redo a semester of school. That would be like someone coming up to me and saying, hey, I’m taking 5% of your life away. Not fair!

I could help my mom out more, I guess. Figure out a way to convince her to let my clutch of stray cats come inside!

Man, this is going to be a big year. Wish I had someone who could help me with all of this … #GOGOSHADOWNET!


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