So, supposedly, Homeland Security was recently ‘forced’ to let us know the keywords it uses to track threats on social media. I’m suspicious though. Scroll down to the keywords for cyber threats.


See those?

homeland security keywords, cyber threats

I’m scratching my head. Because 2600 is the original frequency you needed to use to gain access to the telephone network (legend has it, you could do this with a cereal box whistle!)
Conficker was a Microsoft worm that launched in 2008–Five years ago!
And Phreaking? … that’s stealing longdistance from landlines! Which, at last check, was free anyways.

So just how old are these keywords? Let’s find out!

Here’s my next tweet: Shh…I’m using Cap’n crunch whistle to get free long distance, phreaking crazy. #2600

The dashboards at Homeland Security are about to light up! If you don’t hear from me, you know what happened. 😉


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