I was thinking of skipping 13, you know, the way they used to skip the 13th floor in elevator numbering. That always made me wonder if the 13th floor existed, like Harry Potter’s train platform, somewhere in between. And that of course got me thinking about the number 13 and why it’s so terrible.

I know that there were 13 at the Last Supper. And there are 13 moons in the calendar and Tom comes 13 times a year to us chicks, and that’s gotta be evidence if there ever was one. What else?

What’s beautiful about this? I think it’s because billions of people around the world share this weird fear of a number (triskaidekaphobia). If we can share that, we can share all sorts of things.

My guess is that it’s because it’s a prime number. Nothing scarier than a prime number.



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